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New Kitchen Cabinets vs. Refacing

In considering replacing your existing cabinets with new big box store cabinets, or even new custom cabinets manufactured by our fine craftsmen at The Kitchen Saver, or any other custom cabinet house, there is more to consider than just replacing the cabinets.

More often than not your existing boxes are of better quality of material than what you would replace them with. Therefore you already own 1/2 of your new dream kitchen.

With new cabinet installation, you have these issues to consider:

  1. Messy and dirty tear out and construction work
  2. Possible electrical work
  3. Possible tile or drywall installation or repair
  4. New flooring or damage to the existing floor
  5. Downtime in use of your kitchen
  6. Possible plumbing changes or problems
  7. Delays in delivery and installation
  8. Cost increases due to overruns or changes to the original work order
  9. Probable increased frustration and stress levels with extended issues
  10. Often times dissatisfaction with the end results

Cabinet Refacing:

  • Uses your existing quality boxes, which are in most every circumstance superior in quality of material than what you would replace them with
  • No messy or dirty tear out
  • On time delivery and installation
  • 3-5 day installation process depending on degree of difficulty and size of your kitchen
  • All the amenities and convenience solutions you've wished for
  • Trained installers and kitchen planners on staff to service your neighborhood
  • No compromise in our commitment to provide you the best in quality of materials and workmanship
  • All American-made parts
  • On-going updates and retooling our product offerings, to provide you the very latest in trends, stain selections and styles available in the market place
  • Delivering your dream kitchen at one half the cost of conventional kitchen tear out and replacement cost

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